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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Potty Training Mystery Box

I have just about had it with potty training.  I decided that everything I had tried was just not working...especially my negativity.  Let face it, it's hard NOT to become negative about potty training.  So I decided to be more positive and creative.  I came up with...The Mystery Box!

I love surprises but I am pretty impatient.  I decided that if my daughter is anything like me the suspense will get to her and she will just have to see what the surprise is.  It's kind of like Christmas...a lot of the excitement is the surprise.  

Here's the awesome part.  All of those treats that I've tried that have not motivated her quite enough are still being used, but the surprise in the box alternates and changes between marshmallows, chocolate chips, Swedish fish, and little trinkets that I can come up with.  Last night I found a sea shell that I already had that had a hole in the top.  I tied a string in it and made it into a necklace for her next surprise.  

When I feel like it's about time to try going potty I remind my daughter about the mystery box or shake it to show her there's something inside.  She gets so excited.  Last night probably ten or fifteen minutes after she had gone to the bathroom I shook the box to show my daughter there would be something waiting for her the next time she went potty.  That was a mistake.  She insisted on going right then  So be strategic about how you use the box. :)

I made the box myself (don't be too critical) out of a little cardboard box I had.  I covered it in assorted felt and ribbon.  The trickiest part was figuring out how to keep it closed.  I used a really big needle and a thimble to make the holes for my button and string.  I threaded some string through the lid of the box creating a loop to fasten around the button.  

This is just how I did it.  Decorate it however you like and have fun with it!

Let me know what you think!

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