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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Miniature Car Play mat

This project took a lot of time and effort but I love it!  It makes it all worth it to see my little girl play with it. 

I wanted my play mat to be small enough that I could take it places like church and it wouldn't take up much space on the floor so I basically just divided the pattern in half (all except for the handles).

Even though this house it tiny I can still fit three cars and a motorcycle inside and I bet I could fit more :)

There's not a pattern for the town, you just make it up to be how yo want it to be.  

 We decided this is our farm (that we'll might have someday).

Here's our church...                                                                    


This is our dream house. :)                                                                      


 And a park :)                                                                                

 K, now here's how to fold it up. It's actually pretty fun.  I was originally going to use velcro bu t that was a nightmare for me.  So I used snaps instead and they work great! I really like that my little girl can undo it herself.  She can't close it but that's what I'm here for :)

Ta Da! 



Decorating for Halloween has been so much fun this year! It seems to be a holiday that is very accepting of homemade decorations.  So here are a few of mine.

First- My minion pumpkin :) I have to admit, I'm very proud of him.  If any of you don't know why I have a pumpkin that says "Banana!" go look up the minion banana song :)

Second-my milk jug monsters!  These are fairly simple to make.  

1-take off all the labels and colored plastic rings
2-use an x-acto knife or whatever you can and carefully cut a hole about as large as your fist. (That's for access to put a candle or lights in.
3-Paint it! I just used normal craft paint

If you are going to use a string of lights to light them up (like I did) then you'll need to cut another hole on the back to string the lights through.

If you are going to use candles, take off the cap and you have a perfect chimney.

I can't take all the credit for this craft.  I found the idea on pinterest and made it my own :)

Third- My cloth banner (of some sort).  My sister-in-law made a cute Easter egg one for the spring and helped me get started on this one.  I don't really have much instructions for it or a pattern, but I was pretty happy with how it turned out.


Last- My door monster :) I got this idea off of pinterest for sure :) I used plastic plates for the eyes and foam bowls for the white part of the eyes.  The rest was just crate paper.  I have a glass door in front of this one so it doesn't get wet.  If you don't have a second door I'd suggest using something water proof (depending on where you live).

Happy Halloween!