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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Miniature Car Play mat

This project took a lot of time and effort but I love it!  It makes it all worth it to see my little girl play with it. 

I wanted my play mat to be small enough that I could take it places like church and it wouldn't take up much space on the floor so I basically just divided the pattern in half (all except for the handles).

Even though this house it tiny I can still fit three cars and a motorcycle inside and I bet I could fit more :)

There's not a pattern for the town, you just make it up to be how yo want it to be.  

 We decided this is our farm (that we'll might have someday).

Here's our church...                                                                    


This is our dream house. :)                                                                      


 And a park :)                                                                                

 K, now here's how to fold it up. It's actually pretty fun.  I was originally going to use velcro bu t that was a nightmare for me.  So I used snaps instead and they work great! I really like that my little girl can undo it herself.  She can't close it but that's what I'm here for :)

Ta Da! 

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