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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Personalized Felt Placemat

I had an idea...personalized felt placemats.  Each person in the family can have one placemat specifically for them (their color eyes, hair, etc.).  I think kids would love it.  It might also help kids to not fight at the dinner table over who gets to sit where.  You could also add a coaster with the person's name on it.  Now here's how I did it...

-First I traced a circular pan lid (because it was the size I wanted).  
-Then I drew the face inside it.  I traced parts of it over to seperate sheets of paper so I could cut them out and use them as my stencils. 
-Next I cut the pieces out of the colors of felt that I wanted.
-I used a machine to sew most of the pieces on.  I didn't worry much about the back stitching on the ends.  I was covering the whole thing in vinyl later so I figured it would be fine.
-I chose to hand stitch in a couple places like the eye brows.  I also hand stitched the nose, eyelashes, and mouth.
-To hide the stitching I sewed a layer of felt on the back and machine stitched all the way around.  
-Then I cut two circles of vinyl and hand sewed a layer of vinyl on each side.  (I don't know if there's a trick that makes it easy to sew vinyl on a machine, but I couldn't do it). 
-Trim off any extra vinyl and ta da!  You're finished.
To Clean: just wipe with a damp rag.  Don't get the edges very wet since they're not completely sealed.

It also works as a pretty good frisby :D

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